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If you are like me and this time of year sneaks up on you, then you have some shopping to do. And if you are still looking for some inspiration for what to buy the ladies in your life whether its the hostess, wife, mom, hair stylist – or all of the above – then you are in the right place. Here is a list of 10 unique gifts that I have been curating for myself the women in my life, and hopefully there are a few things that will give you some inspiration for the lovely lady on your list.

1. I’m loving these leather drop earrings from Magnolia Market. They are elegant but simple enough to wear with a t-shirt and jeans. And they are only $27. Yes, please!

2. I’ve also been searching for a delicate necklace that I can wear every day that my two year old may not notice and therefore insist on wearing it herself. This gold drop necklace fits the bill perfectly; it’s $23.

3. You don’t have to be a cook to have an appreciation for good olive oil and balsamic; you really only have to eat food. Sapore on Capitol Hill has an amazing selection of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and if you go in person you can even taste the merchandise. My favorite is their 25 year balsamic ($27) – a staple item in our house. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the Hill to get it; they have an online store and they ship. You’re welcome.

4. Another one for any person in your life who eats food, is the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perlman ($22 on Amazon). I am known in my house for burning things (mostly toast even when I’m standing one foot away from the toaster oven), but everything I have ever made from this cookbook has turned out wonderfully and I feel like I’m cooking with my BFF. I like to give this gift with some pretty dish towels, sea salt, or a set of wooden spoons.

5. These candles by Sydney Hale Co. not only have lovely subtle scents and come in a beautiful silkscreened glass container, but they are also hand-poured in Virginia and 10% of its profits are donated to animal rescue. Never has spending $30 on a candle felt so good.

6. This DC flag pillow is very good. The navy pillows are made with unissued wool military blankets and there is a khaki version that is made from organic linen. Both are silk screened by hand and are made in Brooklyn. You can find this bad boy at Salt & Sundry for $72.

7. Fount makes beautiful leather bags and this clutch is so pretty ($159). I think that clutches make great gifts because they are something that you don’t buy for yourself because they are not your practical every day bag; however, they are exactly what you need so that you’re not lugging your giant shoulder bag out on date night.

8. For a girl who likes a little vintage in her life, this antique catchall is perfect. Hell, I think it’s perfect even if she is not into vintage. It’s just so pretty and special and we all need a little place to corral the random items around our bedroom. And this beautiful little lady is only $30.

9. Sticking with the vintage theme but veering into more quirky territory, this brass mouse paperweight is for the woman who is not afraid to embrace a little bit of weirdness in her life. Only $15, folks. The shipping costs as much as the item, but I would still consider paying $30 for this little guy. But I’m a sucker for animals and anything brass.

10. Finally, I really love the Social Print Studio Daily Calendar. You provide 365 photos, and Social Print Studio creates a daily calendar where every day is a Polaroid. Each photo on its own is very cute, but add in the functionality of a calendar and I’m in. I am going to buy this for so many people. I need to hustle and get this post finished so that I can get on that.

I hope that you are all enjoying the warmth that this season brings.

Have a great weekend! xx


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