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We’re taking refuge in our homes now more than ever as we practice social distancing. Staying home can be difficult when we cannot feel the direct impact of our choices, but flattening the curve is critical and we’re here for it.

Working from home alongside our spouses and kiddos 24/7 makes us realize how important every inch of our property is, including (and especially) our outdoor patios as the weather warms. We've had loads of inquires in the last week requesting our help with outdoor spaces. And it makes sense. Furnishing an outdoor patio can be overwhelming and expensive. What "goes" together? What's worth investing in?

We’ve done the legwork for you and created four design concepts for your outdoor patio along with lots of links so you can "get the look."

Selected from some of our favorite vendors, these pieces are made of high-quality materials that are easy to maintain, easy to move, and that are scaled to fit in smaller spaces. Upgrading your outdoor space before summer is here allows you to consider your options, shop smart and on budget, accommodate longer shipping times, and maximize your enjoyment of the space in the best of the season before the mosquitoes arrive! When investing in outdoor furniture, I suggest protecting your investment by purchasing furniture covers as well especially if it's wood.

If you use any of these looks, we would love to see them! Please tag us on Instagram @sanabriaandco!


Outdoor Patio Furnishings | Option #1

1 Beach Stripe Pillow Cover | 2 Veracruz Pillow Cover | 3 Chapinero Cotton Throw 4 Brice Large Planter with Short Metal Plant Stand | 5 Sommer Two-Seater Sofa 6 Figuier / Fig Tree Candle | 7 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle | 8 Sommer Side Table | 9 Ojai Square Fire Table | 10 Cielo Basket - Natural | 11 St. Martin Perennials Rug | 12 Sommer Lounge Chair | 13 Medium Industrial Steel Cylinder Planter 14 Large Industrial Steel Cylinder Planter


Outdoor Patio Furnishings | Option #2

1 Catalina Dining Chair | 2 Tuuci Ocean Master Hexagon Shade | 3 Crosby Teak Round Dining Table - Natural | 4 Surf Stripe Pillow Cover | 5 Del Mar Cotton Throw

6 Capistrano Outdoor Lounge Chair - Dune, Basketweave - Fog | 7 Shoreline Side Table | 8 Normandy Lanterns | 9 Turnstone Rug | 10 Dell Small All-Weather Planter Bowl | 11 Dell Tall All-Weather Planter


Outdoor Patio Furnishings | Option #3

1 Terassi Lounge Chair | 2 Bolivar Cotton Throw | 3 St. Martin Perennials Rug 4 Sommer Oval Dining Table | 5 Large Speckled Ivory Whitney Planter

6 Small Terracotta Brice Planter | 7 Sommer Side Chair | 8 Sunbrella African Mud Cloth Arrowhead Pillow Cover | 9 Faux Potted Lemon Tree | 10 Sunbrella African Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow Cover | 11 Brice Large Planter with Short Metal Plant Stand


Outdoor Patio Furnishings | Option #4

1 Faux Potted Olive Tree | 2 Terassi Lounge Chair | 3 Large Natural Stripe Whitney Planter | 4 Medium Water Blue Whitney Planter | 5 Palissade Dining Table

6 Palissade Dining Armchair | 7 Balad Lamp Set of 3 | 8 Cielo Basket - Natural

9 Figuier / Fig Tree Candle | 10 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle | 11 Sommer Side Table | 12 Antique White Natural Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 13 Dell Small All-Weather Planter Bowl | 14 Dell Large All-Weather Planter Bowl

One of our favorite DC-based shops, Salt & Sundry, has plenty of options to upgrade your outdoor experience as well. Their brick and mortar locations are currently closed due to the coronavirus, BUT you can order these gorgeous unbreakable floral melamine plates (also available in white) and pretty lightweight teak servers online!

Wishing you peace, health, and comfort during this tumultuous time!

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