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Even before we opened The Shop, one of the goals we were most excited about was building a place to showcase local artists and to serve as a conduit for our community to discover the many insanely talented people we have right here in Washington, DC. We're excited to share three DC artists we're now currently carrying at The Shop!

Meet Carolyn Misterek

I've followed Carolyn on Instagram for about a year so when I saw she was moving and looking to find homes for some of her inventory, I jumped at the opportunity to have them live at The Shop! Carolyn is an artist across many mediums (check out her gorgeous discontinued handbag label, Matine) but the through-line across her work is clear: she is a master of color, line, and scale. Come see select pieces in person at The Shop or check out her website.

Meet Erin Thompson of Erin Thompson Studio

Erin is a local artist whose love for community, home, and family is felt with every piece she does. She specializes in capturing the places around Capitol Hill that make this neighborhood special. We've been carrying Erin's cards at The Shop for a few weekends now and I love hearing everyone's connection to the places she's drawn in her illustrations, such as "We've been going to Jimmy T's for 15 years!" or "I take my dad to Tune Inn every time he comes to visit, he never wants to go anywhere else." In addition to homes and hot spots, she also captures special moments between loved ones. We love Capitol Hill (and architecture!) so it's a perfect pairing to be carrying Erin's work at The Shop!

Meet Ignacio Martinez of Alfaro Pottery

When we first met Ignacio, he shared a story about his grandfather, for whom Alfaro Potter was named after, who inspired and encouraged him to pursue what he loved. Ignacio has long ventured about the art world (woodworking, baking, anything involving creating with his hands) but it wasn't until he began throwing pottery that he discovered his true love. Alfaro Pottery is all handmade in Washington, DC and finished in Alfaro's signature white and neutral tones. Ignacio plays with various finishing techniques to allow the piece's shape to react differently to light and surrounding objects. They are truly one of a kind and are just as beautiful styled individually as they are as a collection. We are thrilled to be partnering with Mr. Martinez and carrying Alfaro Pottery at The Shop!

These are just a few local artists we love and we hope to share more in the future. Tell us what artists you admire, or what kind of local art you have a hard time finding; we'd love to help!

If you have questions or suggestions that we didn't cover, let us know in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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