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Happy Friday, folks! As we head into the last weekend of summer and the school year is upon us, I thought I’d share some pretty items that I’ve been eyeing up to help keep me organized. And by “keep organized” I mean to corral clutter around the house so that it’s contained and out of sight.

African-inspired design is having a moment right now and I’m pretty into it. Baskets are such an easy way to incorporate this trend AND they are functional, beautiful, and are so versatile that everyone can find a color or pattern that works within their existing space and they are not a huge investment. I use baskets or trays to corral all of the loose ends around the house and, yes, I think I might need more. Here’s the thing: I hate looking for stuff. Having a designated basket, bowl, tray, cup – whatever – for said stuff helps save time and reduce visual clutter.

So I’ve been eyeing up some beautiful African-inspired baskets to corral shoes in our entryway (where do all these shoes come from?), Bea’s toys, magazines, and mail.  I just bought this one at CB2 for our coasters (I bought it in the store and couldn’t find a link online, sorry!):


Those black and white coasters are from Salt & Sundry and I just bought that rug from Urban Outfitters for Bea’s play area in our living room and I love it.

Here are a few other beauties that I’m loving. All of these are available in so many colors and patterns, but I wanted to show you guys the variety of sizes and shapes and how they can be used for anything from a place to stash your keys to mail to a hamper for dirty clothes.

I use a shallow basket just like this Uganda basket ($45) to keep a small pile of Bea’s board books next to our bed in our room (the books are there just for show, of course, because we all know that Bea just goes directly for the iPhone when she’s in our room):

Uganda Basket

And I don’t know what I will do with this Ghana bolga basket  ($56) yet but I like it very much and I’m pretty sure it might end up in my bedroom maybe for extra blankets or magazines:

Blue Diamond Bolga

These would be perfect for a large plant, toys, shoes, junk mail recycling basket (I like to keep a basket in my “drop zone” where I can just dump junk mail immediately). I’m eyeing the Kenyan up for my fiddle leaf fig….

Open Weave Baskets

Open Weave Baskets ($34 – $52)

Kenyan Basket

Black and Gold Nesting Baskets

And I’m throwing in this ottoman from Urban Outfitters is a nice inexpensive option for storage that’s functional and beautiful.

Storage Ottoman ($149)

What do you guys think? Are you into the African basket trend? Would these help you keep organized?

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend!

Melissa xx

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