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Gratitude is a buzzword that we hear a lot these days. While I don’t keep a daily gratitude journal – although I think it would be very powerful – gratitude is something that I have been trying to incorporate into my daily routine over the past year. As a small business owner and a mom, I have learned so much about the importance of celebrating those around me and showing gratitude for the people who help my world go round. I’ve learned that gratitude isn’t only about looking inward and having a grateful mindset, it’s also about sharing it with the people around me to let them know that they are appreciated.

The thing is that sometimes we do not actually know these amazing people in our lives all that well…and that’s okay. Lord knows we don’t have that kind of time! But that does make it hard to shop for these special people in our lives. And after a year of practicing gratitude on a regular basis, I want to go beyond the Starbucks gift card and random coffee mugs this year. So what do we purchase for people for whom we are so grateful, but that we don’t really KNOW that well? These are individuals we know on a moderately professional basis that help make our world go round… clients, vendors, consultants, coaches, teachers, babysitters, etc. We brainstormed and came up with some excellent options (if we do say so ourselves) and we thought that you might also be asking yourselves this same question so we thought we’d share our ideas.

Create a Cute “Life Survival Kit” with Some Must Have Items

For this type of gift, we love the old idea of the “survival kit” and think it can apply to all professions and people, give and take some of the items within. Consider filling this beautiful first aid box, this statement basket, or this local tote bag with some of the lifesaving objects that this special person in your life could use on a daily or weekly basis. Items 1 through 9 are some ideas we brainstormed, but add any item you feel is appropriate! If you don’t like the idea of the “kit,” snag one or two of these items and wrap them up… Still so thoughtful!

#1 For Hydration: The LARQ Bottle or Swell Bottle

This reusable water bottle is not only simple and beautiful, but also highly functional. After a few months, reusable water bottles can get funky. This one is self-cleaning! Not a fan of the price tag? Snag the Swell bottle instead… we love the blue suede stainless option.

Chocolate naturally boosts body and brain energy, plus it’s chocolate. If you’re a DC-local like us (or not), support this former Marine and chocolatier family as they turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation. Talk about incredible.

We all know that everyone could use a little immunity boost this time of the year, especially if their job requires them to come into contact with loads of people or kiddos. A natural hand sanitizer that creates a 24-hour protective barrier between you and germs that’s safe to the touch. Sounds too good to be true, but the Amazon reviews tell me otherwise!

#4 For Concentration: Organic/Natural Mints

Peppermint is known to help us focus and concentrate… a little jolt that all of us need every now and then. These organic or natural options give us the benefits of a peppermint without the chemicals and potential sugar crash. Can’t source that mint option quickly, try this one or this one; they’re probably at Whole Foods!

Splurge on this beautiful scarf. We love Cuyana’s mission of owning fewer, but better things. This scarf is a gender neutral one-stop shop scarf… it’s really the one one you’ll need all season and it’s built to last.

At home, in the classroom, on an office kitchen counter, this gorgeous tea towel is not only functional, but also super charming! Sure to brighten any space and let your client or friend think of you!

We are obsessed with this hand cream! It’s gender neutral with minimal scent, but keeps your hands happy during this dry season!

This 500-piece puzzle is a fun way to exercise the brain without staring at a screen! Your giftee will surely thank you.

So we realize candles are on those lists of random items that get re-gifted. However, these are not your run-of-the-mill Yankee Candles, folks. These are our tried and true faves and we usually have one burning at home or in the office at all times. Our favorites are the Eucalyptus & Sage, Bourbon & Brown Sugar, and Fig & Vanilla. The scent is not too strong so even the husbands can get behind them. And they are made locally (Richmond, VA) AND they also donate 10% of their profits year round to organizations that support animal rescue…That makes me feel okay about spending $30 on a candle.

Teachers, contractors, clients, friends, and family members… whomever that person may be in our life that is somewhat difficult to buy for… We are certain they would happily know that a student, friend, or vendor made a donation to a close-to-heart organization in their name… Get on the orgs website, most of them are pretty easy to navigate.

Throughout the month of December, Sanabria & Co. is hosting a diaper drive on behalf of the Greater DC Diaper Bank. Feel free to stop by our office to drop off unopened diapers, wipes, or formula! As working moms, this cause is near and dear to our hearts and we are excited to dedicate some of our time and treasure to people and causes that are close to our hearts.

Let us know if you have any ideas to add to this evergreen list in the comments! We’d love to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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