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Spring is here! And I’m suddenly very inspired to clean and shop like never before. Clean as in “I’m about to Konmari my whole house (again)” and shop so that I basically replace everything that I just discarded. Because I rarely have time to actually shop in person these days (I fantasize about an afternoon of shopping and taking a leisurely lunch with friends) I’ve been pretty much all of my shopping online.

This week I thought I would try something a little different and and start a series of posts to share some of the great stuff that I’m finding while surfing the interwebs because I think that some of you might be into it too. I might make this a monthly thing or maybe a quarterly thing…we’ll see how it goes. Apologies in advance if I’m enabling your online shopping habit.

First up…I love love love these bentwood dining chairs on Chairish but sadly I don’t really need them and they won’t work with our existing table even if I wanted to switch out what we have. Plus I have nowhere to store them even if I wanted to hoard these babies. So I’m hoping they find a good home. If anyone in DC buys these please let me know because I would love to visit them and see how they look in person! I am envisioning these with a Saarinen oval dining table but they would look great with many other options.

Bentwood Dining Chairs

Photo courtesy of Chairish

My cousin is having a baby (due in June!) and she has also been shopping the interwebs and she introduced me to Lenny Lemons. These clothes are so stinking cute.  Be warned that if you click on the link there is a high probability that you will buy something. Even if you don’t have kids. I had to cut myself off at one point, but not before I bought cartoon socks for Beatrice (on the adorable baby in the photo below). Eleven dollars is way too much to spend on socks for a two-year old that takes her socks and shoes off in public but I could not resist the cuteness. I also could not resist buying this and this. And this. And a couple things for my cousin’s baby (I’m keeping those a secret). I couldn’t stop myself!! Someone please send help! By the way they are having a great sale right now…I’m just throwing that out there. They also sell some cute art prints and other nursery decor that is very good.

Lenny Lemons

Photo courtesy of Lenny Lemons

For those of you in DC, the Capitol Romance Shop has some very cute stuff. I just bought this DC print for Bea’s room. They also make a onesie with this super cute design (I bought that too – there are so many babies happening right now!). While you’re there you can stop by Bree’s blog and check out her super cute row house in NE DC and beautiful photos of local DC weddings.

Capitol Romance DC Print

Photo courtesy of Capitol Romance

Another stop on my internet shopping journey this week was at Amour Vert (which means “Green Love” in French – I know that because it says so on the website, not because I speak French). Amour Vert sells some really beautiful and unique pieces (I love this, this, and this) but on top of that they are made from non-toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics, and they have a zero-waste philosophy. And if that’s not enough, if you purchase a tee, they will plant a tree. How awesome is that?!? I wish more retailers offered options like this. Yes, the clothes cost a bit more but if you value and can afford high-quality pieces that are responsibly made then this is a really nice option.

Amour Vert

Photo courtesy of Amour Vert

There you have it folks. These are some of my recent discoveries just in time for you to peruse on your lunch break! If you have any great online shops or items you want to share, let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Feature photo by the lovely and talented Meredith Hanafi

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