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One of our favorite spaces to design, but the one that we get to design the least, is the master bedroom. I love how deeply personal it is and I truly believe it is one of the most important spaces in your home. The vibe and energy that you create there is so important for us to recharge and reflect. Yet few people invest in their most private spaces. If your bedroom has been neglected (like most people’s), now is the time to shine some light on the one room in your house where you probably spend the most time. And, if you are hiding from your children, spouse, or roommates while sheltering in place then you are probably spending more time in your bedroom than ever.

My team and I compiled a list of 5 super easy ways to achieve a relaxing, calm, and thoughtful master suite.

1. Sheets & Bedding

What is your favorite night of the week? Why it’s clean-sheet night, of course! Your linens are so important! They provide appropriate temperature control during the night and they are the key driver of the coziness in the room. The type of sheets you prefer is also super personal. Do you like crisp sheets? Smooth and silky? No top sheet (or as I like to call it “European style”)? Are they easy to care for? Finding the right bed linens can be confusing and there are so many choices it’s hard to know what to pick. Even when I was a broke college student, I invested in the best sheets that I could afford because I always believed in their importance. To narrow down your choices, we’ve listed some of our favorite bedding below! - Investing in a good quilt or duvet is 100% worth it. The Parachute Home cloud cotton quilt is worth every penny. It's one of the softest quilts we've ever felt and gives just the right amount of warmth for summer a/c yet works equally as well in winter with the addition of an extra layered blanket.

- Our favorite crispy feel, matte finish, easy to care for sheet set is the tailored percale set from Boll & Branch. We love the simplicity of white sheets! You can then accessorize with an accent color or two via pillows and cozy blankets like this one from Jenni Kayne.

- If you like buttery soft sheets, Serena & Lily has great sateen sheets. My husband is a fan of Brooklinen’s linen sheets and they even make a set in cashmere.

2. Scent

Scent is such an easy way to make your bedroom feel relaxing and help you transition from work to rest. Setting the mood can help shift your mindset and set the intention for good rest especially lately when the news is heavy and we carry more anxiety than usual. Study after study tells us scent can impact our sleep and we are on board! Our favorite ways to achieve the right balance are essential oils or candles. - Vitruvi: Sara’s obsession with Vitruvi has bled to the rest of the team. Essential oils have been all the rage, but the Vitruvi blends like Ceremony, Quiet, and Dusk really set the intention for the next couple hours after clicking the diffuser on.

I have also been using Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help me ease into sleep and it really helps me fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

3. Lighting

Bedside lighting is something that can seriously interfere with or aid sleep. It is recommended that we reduce our lighting levels as bedtime nears. We recommend lighting with a 2700K bulb (always!) with a dimmable switch on the bedside light itself if possible. When it comes to light bulbs, it’s all about the Kelvins, which measures the temperature of the bulb. The lower the number of Ks, the warmer the light. Does your light bulb emit an unflattering blueish light? The Kelvins are too high. We recommend 2700K for pretty much all of your lighting (3000K at most) but it’s particularly important in your bedroom.

Covering the bulb itself with a shade will help diminish glares on books, tablets, and tvs as well. We have so many favorite options, including this and this. If you aren’t ready to change your bedside lamp, simply swapping out the light bulb to a softer temperature (2700K) can make all the difference!

5. Greenery

Plants not only refresh and liven up a space aesthetically, but research from NASA has shown that houseplants can reduce 87% of air toxins, and improve focus and productivity by up to 15%. Reminders of the natural environment, like greenery and natural wood finishes, can improve our health and well being because they satisfy our need to connect with nature. Especially during a time when we cannot spend as much time outdoors as we would like, adding even the smallest of plants or even fresh flowers can make a big difference. Using a planter in an accent color, floor plant stand, or heirloom pottery can spark joy.

6. Sentimental Objects and Mementos

Your bedroom is a great place to display personal treasures in a meaningful way. If it’s super personal and sparks joy for you and your partner but doesn’t feel quite right to display elsewhere in your house, feel comfortable cherishing from within your personal space. If you have an old tea cup or candy dish from your grandmother, try it out in your bedroom to corral jewelry or chapstick. Or if you have a special blanket or pillow from your travels, use it as an accent on your bed. Our client leaves her surfboard out on display even though she has to travel far from DC to surf. The goal is to keep this room free from clutter so try to stick to three or fewer sentimental objects so that your space doesn’t look like a thrift store. Also having fewer special objects in the room, allows the objects you have on display truly shine.

What are some of your rituals to ease into sleep? We would love to hear about them! Share on Instagram and tag us so we can see what you do! Also tag us if you use any of these tips. We love to know how you use these suggestions in your home.

Have a restful and ease-filled week!

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